Contemporary sculpture and architectural elements influenced by modernism & minimalism.

Using a variety of metals and other materials in my sculptures, I always work to eliminate extraneous detail and accentuate critical elements of each piece.  While many of the pieces spring from a personal perspective, I feel that interpretations are best left with the viewer.

My architectural work incorporates raw material elements such as exposed rebar and concrete to create interesting and durable elements suitable for both home or business.  Rust is often a desired byproduct of the work and creates compelling colors for both outdoor and indoor accents.

With clients across the country and in Canada, my work is quickly becoming desired by those who want unique and well-made work.  On commissions, I easily interact with clients to custom-tailor pieces that inspire.

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John is represented by Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego.  For inquiries about available work please contact Alexander at 619-851-0760.