“Less is more”

A self-taught artist, I’ve always had a passion for 3-dimensional works. Pieces ranging from large abstract outdoor art to smaller indoor figurative pieces can be seen here.

The figurative work often plays with change of scale & proportion in my effort to elicit the driving force and essence behind each piece. In the abstract work, I use line & shadow to create interesting or disruptive arrangements.  In both instances I strive for a “less is more” philosophy to expand interpretation possibilities.

A love of the whole process motivates my work. While I do plan some pieces down to the finest detail, on others I get very engaged with the work and allow it to dictate where the piece goes. Those instances are Zen-like moments for me and have provided not only great satisfaction, but have resulted in some of my best work.

I enjoy making the sculptures immensely and feel very fortunate and grateful for the great response to my work.

Thanks for looking,