I enjoy the process as much as the final product.  When all is going well, working on a sculpture can be Zen-like.  A big bonus is to get feedback from clients who enjoy the work.

All the sculpture you see here is made with my own hands and each one is unique.

I work with steel, concrete, wood, and other materials as needed.  The work leans on texture, angle, shadow, and color to create tension and interesting focal points.

Abstract Sculpture - "The Duke" by John Dupree

The Duke

Yellow Cubes

Inspiration can be found hidden in the work itself.



Material:  Stainless Steel
Size:  Approx. 10ft. tall x 4ft. dia.
Finish:  Automotive paint

Commissions are welcome

Far right:  “Connected”  Concrete & steel

Top left:  Stainless Flowers / glass vase

Bottom left:  Concrete Flowers